my Wife is the Dom but will not admit it

February 16, 2024 11:04 PM | Christine replied:

Perhaps post messages like this on various sites in the hope that he/she is reading?

my Wife is the Dom but will not admit it

February 15, 2024 2:09 AM | Brandy Birdsell Tosh replied:

on April 12, 2018 Christine wrote:

>"Every time a woman has asked a question here I'd say there has
>been a rush to offer help and mentoring"

It worked.. Well mostly since I'm still somewhat dominant at times
for how submissive I truly am. What does one do though when they lose
their husband altogether? Not lose like divorce, but just lost as in I
can't find him?

Brandy Birdsell Tosh
Chanel Silver
Stormy as Skylar
Mey as Megara
Dixie as Daisy Delilah
Bella Trixxx

using the humbler - cbt

April 12, 2023 10:35 PM | David replied:

Hello "Andy the switch",

I'm glad to see someone posting here after such a long while. Where is everyone?

Anyway, Andy, sorry to have taken so long to answer you, I was hoping others would jump in as Christine and I have been a bit busy.

Andy, you asked about the humbler

> Can I put it on loosely while my balls are in front

Yes, I can with ours. And always do, as Christine finds it fiddly trying to get my balls into it from behind. You asked whether you can...

> walk to her with it sort of vertical

I find there is no need to go vertical with it. It is easier to hold it horizontally in front of my thighs. Mounted in front it's quite comfy, it only gets really uncomfortable if one tries to stand up straight once it is mounted behind the thighs. But then that's the point, it makes a man humble by keeping him bending, bowing, or on his knees, because of being secured by his balls.

You also asked...

> then let her slide it between my legs and straighten it once I am on my knees?

Yes, that works fine for humbling but maybe not for what your Mistress wants, as you asked...

> She says she needs it mainly to flog my cock and she may use it to
> force that appendage to stay in position while she does so. Would that
> work

I think that might be easier for her if you keep it horizontally in front of you.

Christine has a couple of little cock whips, and you can see something similar to her little whip here

and here, also on Amazon, for something similar to her little flogger

When my cock is in front, with the balls held, sort of safely out of the way, she tends to enjoy herself with those two on my member.

> or does it have to be to have me push the balls out to the rear. I
> know it would do me good to stay in place, and am not sure how hard a
> whipping of the balls I can handle.

If in doubt, rule it out. I think hitting the balls is a bad idea, from my perspective anyway.

> She says in the humbler I will be able to take a long session.
> Is that true?

Probably not! And I don't think it's a good idea anyway. The cock is made of sturdier stuff.

> Will I always have to stay completely bald down below for this device?

No, not at all. Although it does help with genital devices generally to keep the hair neatly trimmed. Hair tend to get caught up in locks, buckles etc.

Hope that helps,

humbling question

March 21, 2023 12:10 AM | Andy the switch replied:

My mistress is planning on getting a humbler but she wants me to learn to put it on.

read the full post at:-

fag pig dog bitch - online or phone slave

April 26, 2022 10:59 PM | Angelic Playtoy replied:

What a lovely place to leave a message looking for others.

Chastity in the Third Age - using my favourite devices

April 17, 2022 2:40 AM | Christine replied:

From: "Christine" at

Hello Audrey,

You wrote:

>I want Gerald to be unable to 'spurt' without permission. I
>want him desperate.

You might be surprised at the effect you will get by simply
telling him to wear any device, even if it doesn't achieve your
goal of making him totally chaste.

So, I would say, don't sweat the small stuff. Send him to bed
early, in the spare room if you have one, wearing a chastity
belt every night, and pop in and drop your discarded panties on
his face before you retire to bed yourself.

He will know you are doing that to make him suffer 'caged'
frustration, and he will love it. Then regardless of what
frustrating activity he gets up to, you will see the kind of
change in attitude you said you are looking for.

You may not need to go for permanent wear or constant
supervision if you don't want to. Most "boys" just want to know
you care enough to lock them up at night, or whenever they are
going to be unsupervised. Their feverish and fantasising little
minds fill in the details. If he has your knickers and is locked
up, he'll know you are the wicked boss he dreams of.

If you tell him that you don't want him to spurt, and tell him
that he is in a chastity belt to make sure any leakage is the
kind of ruined spurt he deserves for misbehaving, then you can
operate a don't ask don't tell policy.

Only ask what he's been up to if you want an excuse to impose a
further penalty. If you don't want such an excuse, or reason,
then don't ask.

You may find that a simple regime like that is as much "lock up
and forget" as you'll need or want. In fact the routine of
instructing him to put it on at bedtime is likely to be more
satisfying for your submissive than being locked away and
forgotten. Most "boys" get unhappy if ignored.

But, Audrey, you also wrote.

>I was hoping to organise something for Gerald that is more
>lock up and forget than what you do with David. As I really
>want Gerald to be kept absolutely chaste until I feel like
>letting him wank.

Based on what Gerald has said in the "cane me please Mistress
Audrey" thread at...

I think your desire for total chastity control seems likely to
be a dream come true for him. He must be very excited by reading
what you wrote. So, if that is what you really want. And to
answer your direct question which was....

>"I wonder if there are belts more suited to permanent

Yes, there are belts that are "more" suited to permanent wear.
For that you'll want to measure him in detail and buy an
appropriately sized device rather than an off the shelf one.

You might want to look at BON4 in Holland, Mature Metal in the
USA and RED CHILI/cage-de-chastete in Tarragona, Spain.

Those three are made in sizes that you'll need to measure him
for. I've seen very good reports on all three but there are
others that I have not researched as thoroughly. I'm not
recommending any particular one, as I've not tried any of them
myself, yet! (David watch out!)

If you try one of the above for a few hundred dollars, or spend
even more on individually tailor-made to measure which can run
to thousands, you'll get the comfort and sizing which is
necessary for the long term daily wear you want for Gerald.

No device is ever likely to be perfectly suited to your ideal of
"lock up and forget". So whether you choose a made to measure
device, or experiment with cheap stuff from an online shopping
site, is actually less important than understanding the
psychology of your submissive partner. Because it isn't just the
device, but how you both use it, that can result in the kind of
control you desire.

Chastity devices only work if a submissive wants it to. And most
submissives really do want it to. The fantasy we all enjoy is
that the device is doing the controlling, when in reality it is
the mental commitment of both sub and Dom that does it. The
device is just a comfortable (or not) reminder of their mutual

It's clear from what Gerald has already posted here that he
thinks he is prepared to make the commitment if you want him to.
He has stated his desire to feel female power and control. The
more important question is whether you are prepared for what was
implied by your own statement.

>"He might be begging for it daily, but I'd be likely to just
>say no until my mood was right. Or...."

It also doesn't matter a whole lot on what activity follows the
"Or...", it is the fact of your permitting him to beg daily, and
your preparedness for deciding either 'yes', or more importantly
'no' that will excite him perhaps more than you intended by your
throw away remark.

Based on what you posted I think you are likely to soon find
regular begging tiresome, and you'll get the results you need
from the chastity belt in the spare bedroom treatment I

But if it's begging you really want, you will want to ensure
that he does not intrude with his begging. I find it best to
require David to kneel and wait for me to notice him. Then I can
either encourage him to beg, or simply dismiss him if I'm
otherwise engaged.

He may not enjoy the actuality and the humiliation of begging
for permission to wank, but he will absolutely love the idea
that you have decided that you want that. So if you demand it,
he will love it. If you insist that is what you want, he will in
all probability think he is in heaven. He will then enjoy the
frustration of whatever device he is wearing if you've just sent
him away with a simple 'not today maybe tomorrow if you're

"Lock up and forget" will be unlikely to inspire a lot of
enthusiasm for your regime. But a simple daily activity like
telling him to get ready for bed in his chastity belt will be
likely to achieve the attitude change you want. Begging and
denial is a bonus that Gerald will love when you want that level
of activity, but you don't need to go that far.

sincerely, Christine

Now is a good time to give to refugee charities to help the
Ukrainian people. After you've given we'll reward you with free
kinky stuff, see -

Chastity in the Third Age - using my favourite devices

March 26, 2022 2:34 AM | Audrey replied:

From: Audrey

Gerald will have read our discussions here on the blog by now,
so no doubt he is getting excited about my plans. But after this
message he might be disappointed or apprehensive.

Christine wrote:

>Even if the male can't remove a chastity device, he can
>usually find a way to fiddle with himself through any type of
>restrainer enough to get some stimulation, and can when
>desperate, bring about some leakage, or even a full blown

I don't like the sound of that. I want Gerald to be unable to
'spurt' without permission. I want him desperate.

I was hoping to organise something for Gerald that is more lock
up and forget than what you do with David. As I really want
Gerald to be kept absolutely chaste until I feel like letting
him wank.

I think he is wanking too much and that this leads to his surly
attitude. So I want to lock him up until I like his mood and
that will put me into a good mood.

I don't want to supervise him daily, or be involved beyond
caning him whenever I'm in the mood for that. Same with

He might be begging for it daily, but I'd be likely to just say
no until my mood was right. Or put him in the bath for the
'waters of the queen' treatment to change his attitude.

So, I want something washable and permanent. I wonder if there
are belts more suited to permanent chastity?

Has anyone on DOMestic any experience to share about chastity
belts that might suit my needs.


cane me please Mistress Audrey

March 25, 2022 3:50 AM | Audrey replied:

From: Audrey

Christine, Thanks so much for your advice. I'm going to post
some questions later on your chastity belt post as that seems
more appropriate.


cane me please Mistress Audrey

March 19, 2022 6:02 PM | Christine replied:

Hello Audrey,

Lovely to hear from you again.

you wrote:

>controlling Gerald more, I'm thinking I'd like him to be kept
>chaste until I permit a wank. What do you think?

Obviously I think it's great that you plan to control his
wanking. Is Gerald is excited about that? Silly question :-)

>what kind of chastity devices would you recommend?

I posted something for you on the devices I use that I'm hoping
was helpful at Chastity in the Third Age thread at...

That's just the way I'm currently using chastity devices and
cages on David who has a larger penis which present
difficulties. I have never recommended any of the expensive
commercial devices, as the cheaper ones are the only ones I've
tried as yet.

I'm told the best devices for men with an extra large penis are
the Mature Metal JailBird and BON4 Male Chastity Devices for
well endowed / well hung males. They both look to be quite
expensive so I've never been able to justify a few hundred
dollars, when I've been able to have quite a bit of fun for less
than $100 total for several home-made and cheaper devices.

I've found that by having several different devices, I can also
express my 'whims' about what device I want to see on any
given occasion for my own amusement or purpose.

I don't recall if you ever told us whether Gerald has a small or
big dick? So your need may be different and I'm sure I'm not
alone in wanting to hear what you have in mind. Hopefully others
will also suggest their favourite devices and ideas for you and
Gerald, either here or in the Chastity section of the blog

where you can read some recommendation from others. My own
recommendations are not so much about the type of device, much
more about about the variety and type of supervision. Men love
to get your involvement in their suffering, it's what makes it
all worthwhile for them :-) No point in being in a cage if
Mistress hasn't told him she wants to stop him enjoying himself.
No point in spurting if Mistress hasn't made it humiliating in
some way.

Once he is in a device then find reasons to tell him to to take
it off, or put it on, at certain times. If you supervise that
process and inspect his genitals, perhaps handling him in the
process in a 'medical' or dispassionate way to check for damage
due to chafing. Then slap his cock if/when it shows signs of
arousal, then he will likely be in heaven.

So having him put it on when he is to be left alone, or take it
off when you are around to keep an eye on him are obvious ways
to supervise. Take off the cage in the morning and put on the
spikes. Take off the spikes when going out, then putting them on
again when you come home. Take off the spikes to shower, and put
on a cage. Question about behaviour after a shower if he was
uncaged for washing.

If I put him in spikes when I put him in situations which will
arouse him, it allows him to think I'm being bitchy. Cages when
I really want to tell him it is to ensure he can't wank a night
as I want to deny him pleasure will of course arouse him. Then I
can tell him I want to make his cock suffer in a cage which is
too small for his erect cock.

A cage should be comfy when he is soft, but very uncomfortable
to discourage his arousal when his genitals become engorged.
Which reminds me, if you are going to lock him up when he is to
be alone and unsupervised, then it's a good idea to put one of
the keys in a sealed container which he can open in an
emergency. Something simple like an envelope which you have
taped shut to ensure the key can't be removed, and signed across
the flap to check for tampering, will suffice quite adequately.


Now is a good time to give to refugee charities. see -

Resources to help the Ukrainian people can be found here:

keeping sub hubby nude - chastity a start?

March 19, 2022 12:58 AM | Vixen replied:

I was having a hard time getting my husband to be nude all the
time. He was afraid someone we knew would see him when they came
to the house.

I solved this by taking nude pictures of him, one very nice one
with his cock fully erect and other pictures of him sucking
cocks and getting his ass fucked.

I took enlarged prints to a frame shop, and had them
professionally framed and matted.

These now hang in our living room where anyone and every one
who come to visit see them. They are too large to ignore, and
too explicit to miss.

He is much better about being naked now.

cane me please Mistress Audrey

February 11, 2022 5:00 PM | Audrey replied:

As I'm getting back into controlling Gerald more, I'm thinking I'd like him to be kept chaste until I permit a wank.

What do you think?

And what kind of chastity devices would you recommend?

cum through cock plugs

January 19, 2022 12:36 AM | Lady Laura replied:

Danish dominatrix situated in Copenhagen! Into spanking without nonsense, bondage play, footfetich.. other fetichplay and some painplay.

penis plugs for prolonged urethral play

November 17, 2021 2:19 PM | T Rex replied:

I've been wearing a cum through penis plug for weeks.

I love the feeling it gives my cock and it leaves my hole
stretched out for more play later. Large cum through plugs were
a Great investment.

Credit Card Payments

November 5, 2021 7:49 PM | Steven E. L. replied:

Thank you! It is an honor to support your good work! Please, by
all means, use my email, or anything else that may be helpful to
you. Thank you again!

Credit Card Payments

November 5, 2021 7:41 PM | Christine replied:

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your generosity.

I'll send your password now, check your spam if you don't see
it. Let me know if you would like something else, as 6 months is
only $15 and you donated $50.

I'd like to post your message and my response to the blog to
encourage others. Let me know if you would like this, and if so
what pseudonym/name to use.

Christine at

Renew or get your DOMestic password at

Credit Card Payments

November 5, 2021 6:30 PM | Steven E. L. replied:


>Thank you for your donation
>Dear Steve,

>Thank you for your generous one-time gift to Doctors Without
>Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). Your support ensures
>we´re able to provide emergency medical care to people in more
>than 70 countries around the world.

-moderator snipped personal details-

>My Donation Your One-time gift made on 11/04/2021 $50.00 Your
>total donation today $50.00

Credit Card Payments

November 5, 2021 5:54 PM | Christine replied:

Hi Steven,

Thanks for your email/post.

I told David to update the website to make my wishes clear, but
apparently he failed. (Your suggestions on improvements to
clarify would be welcome).

It's simple, just use your card to send $15 (or more) to a major
charity as suggested on the pages, and send me some proof and I
send you the password.

Hope that helps?

Christine at

Renew or get your DOMestic password at

doggy loves bitchy teasing women

August 27, 2021 4:54 PM | Alan replied:

Dear Ms Christine,

Thank you for the links, and the bonuses, that was very kind and
generous of you. I have managed to successfully download all the

I have watched brought to heel, and it is amazing. You look very
sexy and strict in your stockings and heels. I became a very
excited and aroused little dog watching it, I'm sure you would've
scolded me and sent me to my corner!

Once again thank you for all your help and kind assistance. I
hope you have a good weekend.

Will e mail soon. You can take pleasure in knowing you have a
very devoted little doggy panting for your attention in the UK.

Your obedient little puppy Alan

doggy loves bitchy teasing women

August 27, 2021 1:26 AM | Ms Christine replied:

Hi Alan,

I've just sent your download links for the books and videos, if
you don't already see them in your inbox then you may need to
check your rejected / bulk email folder. (or wherever your
system puts such mail)


doggy loves bitchy teasing women

August 27, 2021 1:12 AM | Alan replied:

Thank you Ms Christine,

Your little doggy is very excited

doggy loves bitchy teasing women

August 27, 2021 1:07 AM | Ms Christine replied:

Hi Alan,

Well done. That's a good doggy.

I'll set up the download links and email you.

If you get a problem email is better than text for me.


doggy loves bitchy teasing women

August 27, 2021 12:58 AM | Alan replied:

Dear Ms Christine.

Thank you I have donated to the red cross, looking forward to
reading your wonderful books video

If I need any help will text you x

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Screen-shot of receipt for £100 donation to BritishRedCross

doggy loves bitchy teasing women

August 27, 2021 12:42 AM | Ms Christine replied:

Hi Alan,

Well I have a Kindle, (which is basically an Amazon Android device) and David has a Samsung (also Android). We've tested all downloads on both (and Apple simulators). So the good news for you is that once you have the download link you'll be able to download to both (all) devices.

For video the best format for Kindle is MP4 but it plays all major mobile formats as far as I can tell.

Christine at

doggy loves bitchy teasing women

August 27, 2021 12:36 AM | Alan replied:

Dear Ms Christine,

Thank you for the information.

Yes I do have a Kindle, that would be good for the books, but I
guess the video would have to be sent to my android phone?

I will donate £100 to the red cross asap.

If you think a test is prudent then perhaps we should do it.

I hope I have got things correct

doggy loves bitchy teasing women

August 27, 2021 12:22 AM | Ms Christine replied:

Hello Alan,

Have you ever downloaded any book or video and saved it to your
device? And what is your device? Android or Apple? Kindle?

Have you read any books on your device and if so what format?
Do you have an ebook reader on your device?

We have the books as Text files for every device (or for ebook
readers as. .mobi file, or .epub)

The download link and password usually allows you to download
all three formats if you don't know which you want.

The way it usually works is we send you a link and a password
after purchase. The password usually expires after a few days to
give you time to download and save the content whether books,
videos, or software. (I can choose to make the login for a
longer period for the inexperienced).

By the way, as well as "Brought to Heel", my "Goddess" video
also opens with a bit of doggy treatment.

(sarcasm mode on)

Anybody would think I like making men be my doggy. :-)

Who, innocent little me?

(sarcasm mode off)

As to prices all 3 books comes to a total of $52.50
(approx £38)

The videos I mentioned are $60 each (£43 approx)

Do you need me to set up some kind of test download?

Christine at

doggy loves bitchy teasing women

August 26, 2021 11:55 PM | Alan replied:

Dear Ms Christine,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

Yes Domina was an old UK magazine. I don't have the copies anymore, but your wonderful writing has stayed with me all these years.

Thank you, if you tell me how much the total will be, I will make a donation, probably to the red cross.

I would like to purchase the mistress manual, and the two on prick teasing. And I would love to purchase the video of brought to heel.

Being very much old school, how do down loads work? Do you send them to my phone? At the moment I don't have a laptop.

Of course you can use my e mail on the website, you can use the pseudonym Alan .

What a pity you already have a doggy, I would love to be on the end of your leash!

doggy loves bitchy teasing women

August 26, 2021 11:42 PM | Ms Christine replied:

Hi Alan,

Thanks for your email. I'd quite forgotten about Domina magazine
publishing my work. That was probably way back before the
internet. That was a UK based magazine I believe? Or did you see
it published elsewhere?

One doggy is enough for me to handle nowadays, but you might
enjoy my video of David being trained as my doggy. (Brought to
Heel). David says the sex scene on the bed with me in red
lingerie, training him to "sniff like a proper doggy", is one of
his favourite bits of all our videos.

I can arrange download links for all your purchases, but as
money orders are a problem for us I have a better suggestion for

Just donate an equivalent amount to your purchases to a major
charity and send me an email within a day or two of making the
donation (ideally with some receipt/confirmation of the donated
amount and the charity concerned) and I'll set up free download
links for your chosen items.

As to charities I'm thinking that in these times of so many
major emergencies that need our aid, they vary from country to
country, and most countries have Red Cross/Crescent, Medecins
Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders
or similar.

Sean Penn, the actor, has set up CORE to take action in Haiti
and elsewhere, and something like that is also good.

Below I have posted links to donate to United Nations aid

Also, if you don't mind, I'd like to post your question and my
answer on the blog, if that would be acceptable to you.

Christine at

Unicef (United Nations Children's Fund)

UNHCR - The UN Refugee Agency

my Goddess in the FemDom Society

May 18, 2021 2:19 AM | Slutty Celestina replied:

As a sub that is on the receiving end like the guy here to his
goddess, I love this no win situation.

Guy you are so lucky I wish I was you.

Does she ever let you French kiss her ass? My lady loves when I
French Kiss her ass and Kiss her ass all over and I love the

a Secret FemDom Society

May 16, 2021 4:59 AM | kuntsucker replied:

woke up by my lovely evil sadistic beautiful Goddess of orgasm

keeping sub interested after milking

September 25, 2020 6:12 PM | Mistress Chyna Vixxen replied:

it's so different for each individual sub, sometimes they
retreat out of shame or out fear of disappointing their
mistress. Milking them is done in so many brilliant ways,
mentally, physically and my personal favorite financially.

training a sissy to deep throat

September 8, 2020 3:39 PM | Christine replied:


you wrote:

>The search continues!

Good luck with your search. It might help if you mentioned your
location, you never know your luck.

Also, try getting some practice in using a dildo for deep
throating and a dildo gag for pleasing a Mistress. Find
something suitable to penetrate for practice like a melon

Once your neck and mouth muscles are thoroughly trained you
might find advertising those skills here will interest a
Dominant. It can't hurt to practice anyway.

sincerely, Christine

The Fem Dom Training Software. Now on your phone and mobile

training a sissy to deep throat

September 8, 2020 12:11 AM | Angel replied:

I love to read stories of all these fortunate "sissys" that have
an understanding woman who encourage their boys to be (or play
the part for a period).

I have been dressing for so many years and I have
not been able to find a woman who truly accepts me for ME!

The search continues!

I'm very open and want to explore more of my feminine side. I am
fairly passable.

keeping sub interested after milking

April 30, 2020 4:38 PM | Al Mendoza replied:

If she's too bored or in a bad mood, after being face slapped,
at least 3 times back and forth, I must lick her feet, toes,
even when sweaty, before washing them, then masturbate into her
flipflop, havaiana's brand.

Then I must lick the inner sole to clean off my cum, after which
I get an otk flipflop spanking of 6 dozen.

She gives me another pair of face slaps back and forth and I'll
have to stand in the corner with her panties on my head smelling
her ass hole scent, for several minutes, twenty on average,
before I apologize and regain shy my humble composure and suck
her clit.

keeping sub interested after milking

January 6, 2020 3:57 PM | Ellen replied:

I find that the best way to keep my boy eager for sex is to keep
him locked up and not allow him any sexual release during the

I let him have a squirt in the bath on Saturdays (his day off)
after I've urinated on him a few times.

Thanks to Christine for suggesting this in her videos and
software. Life has been such fun since I discovered I could do
this to him!

Weekdays, even after a hard day at work, he is always eager to
please me in the evenings, but I dismiss his pleading for
release after I've used his mouth, nose and face for my

As I think Christine says in her manual, leave them wanting

keeping sub interested after milking

November 21, 2019 3:40 PM | David replied:

Hello Judy,

Have you considered making him wear something that maintains his
knowledge of your control over him. Anything on his genitals
would do that. It doesn't even have to be something
sophisticated like a chastity belt.

So, for example, you could insist he wears a spiky penis corset

whenever he is at home. Maybe a simple cock ring or strap would
keep him thinking sexy thoughts.

Or perhaps tell him to wear a butt plug when he's in a
particular place where you may not be forefront of his mind. At
work perhaps?

Then when he is in your presence make him report on his
obedience to your instructions and punish any failures he may
own up to.


Download "Games People Play" by David at

keeping sub interested after milking

November 18, 2019 10:29 AM | Judy replied:

He just loses interest very fast until I get him
there again.

I'm considering no orgasms at all and only allow
milking maybe once a month. And even that keep it
with anal only.

keeping sub interested after milking

November 13, 2019 1:10 PM | Morgan replied:

As a man, I must ask, when you say Milking, are you actually
allowing him to CUM, or are you Edging the Cum out, that is a
huge difference.

DO not allow him to CUM if you want to keep him interested. Edge
the Cum out and make him eat it.

keeping sub interested after milking

November 8, 2019 4:14 PM | Christine replied:

Hello Judy,

I probably need to know more to make suggestions that
specifically apply to you and your sub.

For example:- What do you mean by "retreats"? Do you mean he
becomes less submissive? Less obedient?

If that is the case then you may find that some of the ideas
suggested to Helen for her "surly" subby will work for you. See
the thread:-

letting my slave wank more?

Or do you mean he becomes less interested in sexual activity? Or
less interested in bdsm game play?

Also, what methods of milking are you using on him?

Perhaps those are not dominant in a specific way that he

Perhaps he would be a happier sub if his "spurts" were more
painful, spurting only during a caning for example"

What fetishes does he have? Once we know what makes a man tick,
what pushed his buttons it's a lot easier to think of ways to
manipulate him.


See Christine humilate David

humbling question

November 8, 2019 3:08 PM | Christine replied:

Hello Miss Cindy,

you wrote:

>I get one ball through, it sometimes slips back so that when I
>start to tighten the humbler I find I've not got both trapped,
>and have to start over.The mood to play has then diminished

Yes, I totally understand the problem. Try putting 2" packing
tape around the top of his ball sack, or perhaps the lace from
one of his trainers, so that his balls are in a neat little
package that is much easier to handle while you manipulate them
into the humbler.

I find packing tape around the top of his ball sack is better to
retain more flesh and avoid some of it getting pinched. Adhesive
tape can avoid the over-tightening that can happen with laces.
You don't want to cut off the blood supply.

My lazy way to solve the fitting problem and consequent mood
loss is to order my sub hubby to put on the humbler in another
room and then report to me in that lovely slightly bent over
position that it forces him into.

It's quite easy for a male to fit a humbler to himself in front
of his own body, just a little loosely, so that he can then move
the humbler through his legs to the rear position before
reporting to you for any further tightening that you might

Equally, you may find it easier to fit to him yourself in that
position and move it between his legs yourself. That is also
quite a dominant thing to do.

I often have David put it on in front of me, and then turn
around so that his back is towards me. I then have the fun of
roughly pulling the humbler back between his legs myself and
forcing him to bend over before ordering him to kneel on the

Men also make quite a good footrest. when restrained by a
humbler, or if that is not comfy just order him to kneel in a
corner while you relax watching TV or reading a book.

I love spending an evening watching a movie while David is stood
facing the wall waiting and able to serve me at a click of my
fingers to top up my glass of wine. A naked male slightly bent
over in a servile position with his genitals pulled back and
down turning him into a virtual eunuch makes an amusing
emasculated servant.

Sometimes I even treat him to seeing me dressed in the sexy
lingerie I know he loves as I recline on the sofa in my negligee
and stockings. Then I let him stand with his back to the wall
and in that slightly bent over position he can lust over what he
can't have.

sincerely, Christine

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teaching hubby to take cock?

November 7, 2019 4:28 PM | Judy replied:

My male sub always retreats for few days after i milk him.....

keeping sub interested after milking

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